Bee Power ACO Certified Organic Honey 500g

Bee Power ACO Certified Organic Honey 500g

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Raw Organic Honey (ACO Certified) 500g 




Our Raw Organic Honey, collected straight from our hives in Central West NSW Australia is unpasteurised, unprocessed and  unfiltered, packed full of all the natural goodness raw honey has to offer!    Our honey is so pure that it retains some of the propolis, wax and pollen which are extremely beneficial for your health  and wellbeing. The honey is produced and extracted at a very low temperature to retain the maximum level of live  enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals found naturally in honey.    Honey Australia’s Certified Raw Organic Honey is harvest and produced under ACO regulations.    How are we sure our honey is organic?  Our hives are situated in dense national park bushland with at leat a 10 kilometre radius of bushland, away from food  crops and wineries where the plants may be sprayed. Bees will only fly around 6 kilometres from their hive.    Due to the natural state, this honey may candy over time, place jar in warm water or out in the sun to liquefy again.    We hope you enjoy your honey as much as we do!