Bee Power Australian Manuka MGO 830+ (20+)  250g

Bee Power Australian Manuka MGO 830+ (20+) 250g

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Australian Manuka MGO 830+ (20+)  250g   

Our active Australian Manuka Honey is harvested by our specialist beekeepers along the East Coast of Australia’s  pristine bushland and forests. Our bees feed upon the Leptospermum plant to produce the finest quality Manuka  Honey. The indigenous people from both Australia and New Zealand have been using Manuka Honey in their  traditional medicines for years. Active honey has much greater antibacterial properties compared to normal honey.    We have Australian Manuka Honey available in a variety of MGO ratings. The activity strength (MGO Rating) on the  label indicates the therapeutic benefit of the honey, the higher the rating the more beneficial the honey will be.    MG0 830+: Potent and strong antibacterial Manuka honey. May be used internally and externally for effective wound  care, and internally assists with strengthening your immune system due to the potent antibacterial properties.