Blackmores Ginko 6000mg (30 tablets)

Blackmores Ginko 6000mg (30 tablets)

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Contains a proprietary extract of Ginkgo biloba on which scientific research has been done*.

Blackmores Ginkgo 6000 mg (Tebonin® EGb 761®) helps to support memory and cognition. The effects of Ginkgo biloba make take 4-6 weeks to appear.Blackmores Ginkgo 6000 mg (Tebonin® EGb 761®) contains a proprietary extract of Ginkgo biloba on which scientific research has been done; EGb 761® is a clinically trialled extract for the relief of mild tinnitus.

Size: 30 tablets


• Supports normal memory function
• May improve cognition
• Assist in the relief of vertigo
• May assist with blood circulation


Discontinue use at least two weeks before surgery. Gingko may increase the risk of bleeding associated with surgery

Not recommended for use during pregnancy or breastfeeding